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The following video shows off Andy’s and mine’s Imagine Cup 2010 submission. The project dubbed Tesla is about conserving and monitoring energy consumption across a home or office network (or any other for that matter). Tesla has 2 aspects the client side which records data of individual computers and the server/web side which will create new users, networks and display device data.

Currently the user experience is not that amazing; however, the website almost looks awesome and the functionality exists! We are looking to expand in user experience of course; however, we are also looking to make functional enhancements (if we get into the next round). These include enhancing our database of known products (to get more accurate statistics), making an awesome visualizer for the data, and giving alternatives for your computer components in order to reduce consumption. I hope you guys enjoy our video. More coming from us soon on this hopefully!

Someone also mentioned how this could also be applied for overclocking machines and trying to get the biggest bang for the buck/power.

PS: We were running on fumes while recording this, please discard my lame explanations :)!


www.m-dphotovideo.comSo my client requested that his website be all in flash and have that flash look. So I came up with this concept. I was a little reluctant about doing a site all in flash since generally that is not such a great idea. Search engines don’t like it, and they end up not being as user friendly. Considering the target audience, which would probably be those that already know the company, it wasn’t such a bad idea. I designed it all, and programmed it to make it smaller. The only issue is that the file size is actually smaller than it says while loading. No biggie! Go and check it out: