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This is the last video of usable footage. Sorry for the shaky camera at times. We have some of the “Show offs.” My favorite is the emotive headset examples.


Sooooooo I was invited to Mix 09 via the game development club and my school. I was fortunate enough to see the keynote yesterday, and I video taped some of it. Thus far the most awesome thing i saw was Super Preview (in my first video below). This program allows you to preview your website as you create sort of like a WYSIWYG; however, it uses your native web browsers to assist you. It does not stop there though! It will let you view your application in many different browsers, and if you don’t have that browser installed on your computer super preview will look up the browser in question from the internet and determine how it should look from the cloud. Also they have onion skin mode. Onion skin mode lets you overlay your comp over your html to see the difference. They have a trial version available now! Click here to start the download.

The next thing that I really loved was the new optimizations in silverlight. We now have GPU access (video below)! This is one thing which may covert me from Flash to Silverlight. Sorry flash I am a graphics programmer I need my GPU. The one optimization that they didn’t make was that pixel shaders are still handled on the CPU. That is a huge disappointment if you ask me, but they said it was for security reasons (aka we don’t want to make the JAVA part of the crowd angry). Silverlight Beta Download.

Next, I saw sketchflow/blend. Sketchflow is a feature in Blend 3 which will let you generate a simple mock up of your website and make it look sketched out and slightly sloppy (even though you try to draw normally). This feature may not sound useful in text; however, think of the implications. It will draw attention away from graphics and more toward layout and concept. Not only that you can animate and actually make a working application in this way. You may then send it off to your clients and have the write feed back and draw on that same page. For me, I thought blend was similar to torque in it’s control scheme. That is you can set gravity, animations through behaviors, and you can also have triggers that function like action listener type events. Blend 3 Preview Download.