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These 2 videos are pretty cool. In the first video I show you a clip from the 2nd keynote (on Thursday 19th). This was the same keynote where IE 8 was announced. Then we ask the infamous question, “what is web 2.0” to a project lead at Twitter (we were at TAO night club at the venitian).

The 2nd video we have Andy discovering a mysterious man known as Dijkstra, a brief clip of me singing testify at the rock band tournament (woo we made it to a finals), a nice discussion with head engineer of Penny Arcade, and finally asking some playboy bunnies what web 2.0 is (we were not trying to embarrass them in any way shape or form, they seemed like pretty intelligent individuals!). They honestly gave the most honest answer out of everyone :).

Enjoy! (One more rockin’ episode coming your way)