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Other than the awesome costumes today we also had a chili cook off and potluck! We definitely have the best events of any team I have ever talked to. Right now we have a beer bash downstairs. I should probably get to it… I love silicon valley. Place of dreams :)! This blog post is really about me wanting to show off some pics….


So I walk into work today to find the aisle of cubes next to me is full on in Halloween mode. They put up spider webs, tombstones, moving spiders, pumpkins, and TREATS :). This is why I love working at NetApp, and why it is definitely the number one place to work at! I can’t wait to see what they do during Christmas time.

They were spurred by an aisle decorating competition. They really want to win haha. If you look in my aisle it it looks perfectly normal while theirs looks epic. I am thoroughly disappointed in myself :'(!


So as some of you know I work for NetApp right now! One of my charters is to create tons of game prototypes. Yes yes i know NetApp has nothing to do with creating games. They are primarily a storage company; however, I work for NetApp University. So I was basically told to research and pitch ideas about gaming mixed with learning. To show them that it does not need to take FOREVER to make games or require tons of resources I spent 2 days creating this AS3 based flash platformer. It reads an XML file and then places platforms (and in the future other objects). They idea I pitched was akin to the Little Big Planet 2008 E3 presentation (below).  Everyone seemed to like it.

Here is the source code. It is short and sweet (200 lines)! There is not enough source code using the Fisix Engine out there. Also platformers are the first thing everyone wants to do when they start making flash games. I hope this helps…

I used Flash Develop with the Flex SDK to compile. If you want to mess with it and add just add more platforms just open bin>levels>testlevel.xml and just follow the format for the platforms… I think there is artificial barrier set for the level at some point. Linux and Mac users need to edit the path before compiling.

The Source