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I realized the other day that I did not post any updates to my original project guitar article!

This is the best acoustic guitar that I have and features a semi-hollow strat body made of walnut with an f-hole, a maple fretboard (half-scalloped and fat neck), emg active pickups, and a floyd rose floating bridge. The flame is absolutely beautiful and this thing sings like no other! I bought all the supplies from Warmoth, except the pickups. I have not been able to even pick up another guitar and be anywhere as satisfied.

You can check out my new band page (Doomsday Machines) to hear some samples! I am horrible at mixing by the way. The real thing sounds a ton better. I think I may have used a different guitar for “Ivan” (if it is still on there by the time you go to the page).

Without further adieu:


So here is the project guitar for which I ordered parts. It is no where near done. I think it has about a month of work on top of the 2 months its been in manufacturing the wood and such. The neck was custom made to my specs. The body was also custom made, but I just selected it.

This is being designed to get the richest tone possible in the ultimate shred type guitar. I already have jazz/rock/blue type guitars along with acoustic and classical and I was in the mood to get one that would be perfect for shredding. So here we are.  At the very least checkout the scalloped fret board it is awesome!