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Yea… Sorry for the delay. Christmas + work during winter break took up all of my time. Anyways, the new version of let’s woosh is up and running! It is completely written in cakephp. I wrote a new paypal component and made modifications on the swfupload component which was in the bakery.  Also I implemented a photoflow, kcaptcha and a few other cool things.

2 things I will release pretty soon for everyone is the paypal component and the kcaptcha component.

I think you guys will like the paypal component in particular since it is about 150 lines of code and all you need to do is supply an array with all the user’s info and it returns the result array. It does NOT use pear, but instead uses the much simpler curl library. I am not a big fan of having 5mbs of extra php files on my server when 150 lines gets the job done!
Also, the cool thing about the swfupload component modifications I made is that I don’t need to use sessions at all and was still able to get ajax style thumbnailing to work. I also followed one of the swfupload examples to get a progress bar to work properly.

Check it out:


So I decided to make a very rough mix of a portion of one of the songs that the drummer for [noROBOT] recorded lately. Here you can hear the same audio 3 different ways. 1 with everything going including the diy subkick, another without our diy subkick, then yet another with only the diy subkick. Tell me what you guys think. The diy subkick here is adding that extra umph, you will notice that the version with no diy subkick is lacking that power. Then again if your speakers are not designed to hear that frequency you won’t notice a difference at all. I recommend headphones. If you play the subkick only track and you hear nothing, that means your speakers can’t handle those sounds for sure. By the way this was a somewhat poor eq job. It was quick and dirty. ENJOY! I am calling it the diy subkick hopefully to cover me against any sort of trademark infringement. I am not sure if Yamaha coined the term Subkick or not. Also if you missed the first post about the subkick click here:


www.m-dphotovideo.comSo my client requested that his website be all in flash and have that flash look. So I came up with this concept. I was a little reluctant about doing a site all in flash since generally that is not such a great idea. Search engines don’t like it, and they end up not being as user friendly. Considering the target audience, which would probably be those that already know the company, it wasn’t such a bad idea. I designed it all, and programmed it to make it smaller. The only issue is that the file size is actually smaller than it says while loading. No biggie! Go and check it out:


So for the past couple days I have been working on a flash based streaming music player (which is located at the bottom of this post, just scroll down to see it). This is complete with a loading bar, scrubber to fast forward through a song, playlist, and other standard features. I am calling this version .5 beta. I still need to develop a volume bar, and add some text about what time a person is at in the song etc. However for the most part this is pretty solid. There are 2 bugs I am currently working on fixing, which includes a bug with the function in flash that gets called after a sound ends, and 2nd the track progress bar seems to go crazy on occasion. I believe the second problem is a result of the full file size not being discovered while loading the file. I am hoping there is some ID3 information in the mp3 files that could assist me with that issue.

The songs in this player include a No Robot song and 3 demos I gave to the band so we can work on them, and 3 version of older songs we had; however, in my opinion most of these songs are very rough, I would suggest sparing your ears hahaha. I am trying to fill up some space in this blog right now because the player is too wide, and it is covering the menu so I will show you how easy the xml playlist is the use.

It is very very simple…. simply name the track, and the file. These files can be anywhere on the web or locally. Furthermore, the xml playlist it self could be located anywhere. Woo!

’’People Shootin’ Hat’’ - (No Robot)   ’’Viking’’ - (Parris Random Demo)   ’’Gunfight In A Gas Station’’ - (Parris Random Demo)   ’’Marshmellow’’ - (Parris Random Demo)   ’’Flame (old)’’ - (No Robot)   ’’Pressure (old)’’ - (No Robot)