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For the past 1-2 months I have been working on the new Brand RBX website; however, it just got scrapped and we are starting over with a new design. I will definitely use some of the actionscript I developed for this in the new version. So this entire site has 3 flash files: intro, photogallery and text pages. It probably would have had 1 or 2 more if it were made final. The main page never changes, but I use javascript to load in the different flash files and input parameters about which xml file(s) to use, what background color the page should have and what effect it should have on the menu. I also built in a dynamic reflection system, which is visible the best within the portfolio section. The site also features a custom slider bar for the text pages. There are so many small stupid little features that i don’t even want to think about it right now! At the end of the day, it was decided that the entire design scheme all together just didn’t work and it was scrapped for the most part! Oh well, I have a new copy/comp now and I’m reworking it.

Here it is:


I decided I would give you guys a mini update on work and such. So a few weeks ago I wrapped up my cable customizer 3000 project for The idea was to make a way to “create your own customized cable online and see a preview.” That is quite a task. There are over 140 possible combinations between colors and patterns. So we did it the good old fashioned way and took pictures of every single cable the exact same way. Then we created some javascript to update a picture on change and used some cool javascript effects to make it appear in an intruging way. Bottom line, it took way longer than we anticipated! Try it out for yourself though :)!!! Here is the link to one of the products:
By the way, it is on every page that has color and pattern options!