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I realized the other day that I did not post any updates to my original project guitar article!

This is the best acoustic guitar that I have and features a semi-hollow strat body made of walnut with an f-hole, a maple fretboard (half-scalloped and fat neck), emg active pickups, and a floyd rose floating bridge. The flame is absolutely beautiful and this thing sings like no other! I bought all the supplies from Warmoth, except the pickups. I have not been able to even pick up another guitar and be anywhere as satisfied.

You can check out my new band page (Doomsday Machines) to hear some samples! I am horrible at mixing by the way. The real thing sounds a ton better. I think I may have used a different guitar for “Ivan” (if it is still on there by the time you go to the page).

Without further adieu:


gridzSo a few months ago I made this game on facebook with Edgar called Grid[z]. It is a simple little board game, but we have a ranking and score system that is based off ELO. ELO is the ranking system that is used for Top Coder and Chess Leagues among other things.

gridzWe have some planned modifications also including a public lobby that would allow players to invite each other. Also more stringent security policies are also needed. I don’t see this game becoming popular or making tons of money so I am considering it my first foray into the facebook api + cakephp. I may eventually post my cakephp library for making games; however, trying to validate player interactions with the server in a way to cover all cases seems to be a hurdle. It may be a nice starting point though.

Check it out: