Update: I suppose high-tower went out of business so here is the homepage – http://www.parrisstudios.com/hightower

This is one of my strongest examples of my CSS and flash animation skills (not action scripting). I created the css and flash while brandRBX handled all the graphics, including logos, concepts for the flash animation and designs through out the site. I really loved working on this site. It features a css drop down menu (no javascript), which should work across all modern browsers.  I have styles built in for 3-4 different types of pages, bullets, menus, 3 different styles of a stretchable rounded edge boxes, which are essentially the same but in different colors. All in all a very full website. I completed the css and flash in roughly 2 weeks.  Check it out. Also read the blogs on their website they have some pretty awesome information about security. Check out the site: http://www.high-tower.com


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