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So after much debate on how a useful CMS should function in this day and age I decided that a CMS is no longer something like joomla, and in fact should function like wordpress but allow for easy plugin development as well as management. Many of you already know my love for cakephp. I have many plugins already developed for cake, and other people do as well so my team’s current plan of action is to create a plugin manager of sorts… The way I see it, thats all a CMS essentially should be when everything in cakephp can essentially be a plugin. The plan is to load it up with some basic plug-ins that we have created (that can be replaced easily if desired); however, there may only be 1 or 2 core MVCs for settings purposes, auto updating and possibly a really slick GUI… I think the plugin manager as well as everything else can be a plugin, which allows for a great deal of modularity.

I feel that wordpress has it down right; however, services on linux machines like apt (synaptic) also work well to consider different repositories in existence, which I find ideal. Trying to host all plug-ins from 1 centralized source or even serve them through 1 centralized source isn’t the correct solution… instead it is better to simply allow different repositories to be added manually. That being said, we are currently trying to develop this plug-in we will see where it leads, but things are looking bright :).

Ideas? Comments?