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Not me - but it hilariously/accurately describes my emotions currently

Not me - but it hilariously/accurately describes my emotions currently

Wow, its been almost a month since my last post! Sorry guys, was busy with school and work; however, now that that is done I can devote more attention to personal projects, woo!

Andy and myself found out last week that we made it to the semifinal round of imagine cup. This round will determine the winners in the national scene! So now its time to start upgrading our entry.

Meh forget that for now…. IM GOING TO DC BABY, FOR FREE! WOOO (THE CROWD GOES WILD). My plans for DC are as follows:

  • First and foremost: Become president and take over the world. Don’t ask me how… It will happen.
  • Second: Don’t be sober… Being sober is completely unnecessary for the purposes of a presentation.
  • Third: Nerd out with fellow nerds… Self explanatory and completely necessary.
  • Forth: Roll out to the clubs with random people I meet from Imagine Cup. I will visit the top 10, as described here: Clubin’ . There is something about the name Zanzibar that just makes me want to go there. It better be good DC or I will be highly disappointed!
  • Fifth: Be a nerdy tourist for a bit. I used to make fun of people taking pictures all touristy like, but now it feels right haha. I am in London right now (unable to sleep), but I feel like taking pictures of everything, including the subway even though I find that odd myself…

On more serious notes we gotta quickly ramp this project up from a demo to a fully functional platform. We currently have a bunch of ideas in the fray… Here is my to do list :):

  • Create more powerful user centric features including multiple network functional
  • Graphing/Statistical plotting of power consumptions, per network and per machine that scales up and down based on the time range
  • Upgrade the user experience on the website
  • Create some tables to keep track of all hardware available out there with power consumption information

Andy is handling the optimization of the client side stuff and user experience related to that, although I may help with design related issues.

I also had ideas for expanding this project out to mobile devices. We could a) at the least be able to track consumption via mobile device and b) it may be possible to track power consumption of phones. I have not done much mobile development, but I seem to be venturing into it more and more. (Being a web/game developer inherently allows you to make applications for smart phones now a days.)

I do not think it is possible to have multiple processes running on a phone other than an app and a phone OS, I think the biggest challenge would be to be able to keep the app in the background. I am not sure if this sort of thing has been done on a phone before? Also if it is in a daemon of sorts how much power will the app itself consume…

Meh! First things first I guess :). I’ll worry about non-mobile things first… Also I don’t have a real “smart phone.” The LG Dare does not really count hah.

Droid here I come! (cue cheesy advertisement here)