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Sooo (Seattle Based introductory phrase) Imagine Cup is quite possibly the coolest thing Microsoft has ever done. The theme is awesome (U.N. Millenium Goals), the prizes are amazing (up to 24k possible, 10k without even submitting), and not to mention the awesome resume fodder possible! I might put up two projects for it. One game and one software development project.

Tip: If any of you reading this want a chance to win Halo3 ODST + $10,000 without submitting anything go to . I think they are giving away something like 100 copies of Halo3 ODST.


For the past month talks about creating a unit testing suite have been in the air. I finally had a chance to take the lead on this project and do some cool stuff. The first thing I did was download Selenium IDE, RC and Grid. This framework is really awesome for testing. Plus it has support for every language you could want!

I was quickly able to get some simple tests up and running. The main test I was interested in took a little while because I was not sure about all the methods possible in the framework. Once I got it down I started using python (which took me all of an 20 minute to learn) for my tests and ran it through Selenium RC. My next step is to setup Selenium Grid to connect to a bunch of remote Selenium RCs and then run tests on a bunch of machines WOO. So I got 5 machines on a variety of platforms to set up my tests.

I then decided that it would be much cleaner to run Grid and the rest of my web apps through Ubuntu running on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Virtual PC is actually pretty nice. It feels more lightweight than VMWare stuff if you ask me, but then again probably has a few less features. It took a little manipulation but thanks to this article I was able to set it all up. Next step is to get this running on top of PyUnit which extends JUnit to give some reporting flare. Once I get PyUnit working with Selenium Grid/RC I’ll post a how to article. I think that would be pretty useful!

Also as a result of this testing stuff I had a chance to really mess with Windows 7 for a extended period of time. Let me tell you it is definitely AWESOME. I got to say it is definitely the most stable Windows platform out right now. I have been holding off on replacing the OS on my XP machine, but it is definitely time.


So based on this one article within the bakery I made a carpool app with the google maps api. The coolest addition was that incorporated google maps api v2, and marker placement in real time via prototype. It kinda functions like craigslist where you would enter in your email and password and it would let you make a post. It is there for a limited amount of time and then it disappears.

A big issue when coming up with this concept was that people would not want to enter in their addresses. Luckily the solution was already built in. So rather than typing in your address, you can type in Safeway and a street name and it will drop a pin there! Not sure what I want to do with this one. I have a few ideas for google maps + letswoosh, but I want to keep that under wraps for now!

Check it out: