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Yea… Sorry for the delay. Christmas + work during winter break took up all of my time. Anyways, the new version of let’s woosh is up and running! It is completely written in cakephp. I wrote a new paypal component and made modifications on the swfupload component which was in the bakery.  Also I implemented a photoflow, kcaptcha and a few other cool things.

2 things I will release pretty soon for everyone is the paypal component and the kcaptcha component.

I think you guys will like the paypal component in particular since it is about 150 lines of code and all you need to do is supply an array with all the user’s info and it returns the result array. It does NOT use pear, but instead uses the much simpler curl library. I am not a big fan of having 5mbs of extra php files on my server when 150 lines gets the job done!
Also, the cool thing about the swfupload component modifications I made is that I don’t need to use sessions at all and was still able to get ajax style thumbnailing to work. I also followed one of the swfupload examples to get a progress bar to work properly.

Check it out: