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For the past 1-2 months I have been working on the new Brand RBX website; however, it just got scrapped and we are starting over with a new design. I will definitely use some of the actionscript I developed for this in the new version. So this entire site has 3 flash files: intro, photogallery and text pages. It probably would have had 1 or 2 more if it were made final. The main page never changes, but I use javascript to load in the different flash files and input parameters about which xml file(s) to use, what background color the page should have and what effect it should have on the menu. I also built in a dynamic reflection system, which is visible the best within the portfolio section. The site also features a custom slider bar for the text pages. There are so many small stupid little features that i don’t even want to think about it right now! At the end of the day, it was decided that the entire design scheme all together just didn’t work and it was scrapped for the most part! Oh well, I have a new copy/comp now and I’m reworking it.

Here it is:


So here is another article I dug up. I just read it last week even though the article came out last semester. It is pretty cool worth a read. Plus it has like 3-4 paragraphs on me which is cool :)!

Let’s Woosh Article Spartan Daily PDF

Let’s Woosh Article Spartan Daily JPG


Today the spartan daily did an article on our club! Check it out. It is pretty cool. Man that is a really awesome picture we were all crouching down on top of a DDR pad in the arcade at San Jose State’s Student Union! Read it! 🙂

Click Here to read the full article in PDF Format

Click Here to read the full article in JPG Format


So I made this last semester with a group for my game design classes. Although there was not much “design” to the game we spent a ton of time working on our own proprietary game engine. We did not really fine tune or polish it and make a full on story and game, but looking back at this engine it really is quite a nice accomplishment. Check out the video below! We built it entirely on XNA with no other libraries. We handled collision ourselves! Also developed a quad tree structure to calculate whether something should appear on the screen or not this feature loaded things in and out of memory. Also we developed a power up system. In this video you can see it as us collecting “coins” at the beginning, but it is a little hard to see. Sorry for the somewhat poor quality on the video. I tried to record it using screen capture, but nothing could keep up at 60 (or even 30) frames per second, so i settled for my LG Dare’s Camera.